Odia WordNet is an online lexical resource. It is more than a conventional Odia dictionary. It is a combination of a dictionary and a thesaurus and much more. It provides information about a word from different perspectives also giving the relationships between words.


A user can search for a odia word and get its meaning. In addition it gives the grammatical category namely noun, verb, adjective or adverb for the word being searched. A word may appear in more than one grammatical categories and in a grammatical category can have multiple senses. These categories and all senses are reported for the word being searched.


Apart from the category for each sense the following information for a odia word is obtained in the wordnet

  1. meaning of the word
  2. example of the word usage
  3. Synonyms (words with similar meanings)
  4. Ontological details
  5. Semantic and Lexical Relations


For more information on WordNet click on the About WordNet


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